Focus on you.
Not the cost of therapy.

Thrizer is the better way to pay for therapy. Stop wasting time on superbills and start saving upfront on your out-of-network sessions.

We Wait for Reimbursements

…so you don’t have to. Go from paying $200 to $30 for out-of-network therapy.
with Thrizer

How It Works

Connect with your therapist

Accept your clinician's invite or add them to Thrizer so they can charge you for appointments

Enter insurance information

Thrizer links to your insurance to automatically submit claims after your appointment

Add payment method

Use Thrizer to pay for your therapy appointments - for free

Forget that insurance exists

Only pay what you truly owe for therapy. Thrizer floats the rest and waits for insurance reimbursement for you. 

Built to Scale

Add your team members and centralize payments for your practice

Upgrade your Client Experience
and Retention with Thrizer

OON therapy has never been

Prefer to Receive Your Own Reimbursements?

We help with that too. With Thrizer, your insurance reimburses you for therapy directly to your bank account.
Get a breakdown of your out-of-network benefits and estimated reimbursement amount as soon as you enter your insurance information
Claims are submitted automatically to your insurance with every payment
Know the status of your claims at any time, from anywhere, on any device
Receive reimbursements to your bank account as soon as a claim is approved

Hear From Clients

It was so hard to find a therapist that accepted my insurance. I’m so glad Thrizer Pay exists.
New York
I appreciate the responsiveness and assistance of Thrizer throughout my ongoing treatment. I am glad I don’t personally have to deal with my insurance anymore.
Lucas K
I didn’t even know my insurance would pay for out-of-network appointments, much less that I could just pay a copay as if my therapist was in-network. I wish I knew about this before!
Liam W
I could not be where I am today without Thrizer and their platform.
Paying with Thrizer has been a game changer. The cost of therapy is no longer an unneeded stressor in my life.
Jennifer M
New York
Thrizer has done nothing less than save my life. Being able to just pay a copay for out-of-network sessions allowed me to receive treatment that was essential.
Olivia R
North Carolina
I went from paying $200 per session to $50! This is an incredible offering!
Akash s


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