Thrizer vs Advekit

Thrizer offers much more for much less, for both therapists and clients.

Why choose Thrizer over Advekit for your out-of-network clients?

Protection Against Claim Denials
Strict no-back-charges-ever policy for clients and therapists, even if claims are denied
Does not protect clients against claim denials - clients responsible for full cost of the session if denied
Therapist Pricing
Standard 3% credit card fee per session
No monthly fees
12% transaction fee per session
$30 per month membership fee
Instant Benefits Calculator
Offered completely for free for therapists
No benefits calculator 
Client Pricing
Free if working towards deductible

5% fee if clients just pay co-insurance upfront, or free if clients pay therapist in full and wait for reimbursements
Free if working towards deductible
No fee if clients just pay co-insurance upfront (therapists pay the cost)

Thrizer makes it simpler and more affordable for everyone 

Protection Against Claim Denials

Advekit back charges clients in case of a claim denial
Since Advekit fronts the reimbursement, they back charge clients for the reimbursement amount if the claim is denied. Clients would be responsible for the full cost of the session, without any reimbursement to help cover it. 

Thrizer protects clients from claim denials 
Even if Thrizer fronts the reimbursement, it’s on us if the claim is denied. Our strict policy is no back charges ever for clients or therapists, even in the case of claim denials.  

Favorable Therapist Pricing

Advekit charges steep transaction and membership fees to therapists
Therapists pay a 12% transaction fee per session on top of a $30 monthly membership fee. This means that if their session cost is $200, they are paying $24/session to Advekit in addition to the membership fee.

Thrizer only charges a standard credit card fee per session
Therapists only pay a 3% credit card fee per session. No monthly fees, contracts, or minimums.

Instant Benefits Calculator

Advekit does not offer an instant benefits calculator
Instant benefits calculators can be extremely helpful to quickly verify clients’ out-of-network benefits, especially while on prospect calls. Advekit does not offer one.

Thrizer offers an instant benefits calculator completely for free
Therapists receive our robust benefits calculator completely for free. The calculator provides upfront transparency on a client’s out-of-network benefits and co-insurance amount owed after each session with Thrizer.

Favorable Client Pricing

Advekit and Thrizer both do not charge clients if working towards deductible
Thrizer only charges clients a 5% fee if they choose to just pay their co-insurance and skip the reimbursement wait altogether. Thrizer also offers a free option post-deductible if clients prefer to pay the therapist in full and wait for reimbursements via direct deposit. While Advekit does not charge clients, therapists are on hook for paying the steep fees instead. Thrizer will still manage claims end-to-end with insurance in both the free and paid options.

Thrizer is the clear winner

Clients can only pay their co-insurance and skip the reimbursement wait
Clients are protected against claim denials 
Therapists only pay a 3% credit card fee per session and receive an instant benefits calculator for free
Clients don’t pay any fees if they are working towards a deductible or paying in full and waiting for reimbursements 
Thrizer manages claims end-to-end with insurance

Does Thrizer or Advekit offer a client-only service? 

Yes, Thrizer offers a client-only option if therapists prefer to be minimally involved in out-of-network billing. Therapists only need to provide clients with superbills. Thrizer has recently launched a Superbill Upload service that therapists can instead direct their clients to or link on their websites or client portals. Clients can upload their superbills for a $2/claim submission fee. Thrizer submits and manages the claims end-to-end with insurance, and clients receive reimbursements via direct deposit after a few weeks. 

Advekit does not offer a client-only service. Therapists would have to use Advekit themselves in order to offer their services to clients.
It’s a no-brainer. What’s the catch? None. This is truly it. 

If you want to be a part of the no-claim-denials-ever revolution, get started with Thrizer in minutes.

Skip the reimbursement wait with Thrizer.

Get started in minutes.

OON therapy has never been

Hear From Clients

It was so hard to find a therapist that accepted my insurance. I’m so glad Thrizer Pay exists.
New York
I appreciate the responsiveness and assistance of Thrizer throughout my ongoing treatment. I am glad I don’t personally have to deal with my insurance anymore.
Lucas K
I didn’t even know my insurance would pay for out-of-network appointments, much less that I could just pay a copay as if my therapist was in-network. I wish I knew about this before!
Liam W
I could not be where I am today without Thrizer and their platform.
Paying with Thrizer has been a game changer. The cost of therapy is no longer an unneeded stressor in my life.
Jennifer M
New York
Thrizer has done nothing less than save my life. Being able to just pay a copay for out-of-network sessions allowed me to receive treatment that was essential.
Olivia R
North Carolina
I went from paying $200 per session to $50! This is an incredible offering!
Akash s