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Hear From Clients

It was so hard to find a therapist that accepted my insurance. I’m so glad Thrizer Pay exists.
New York
I appreciate the responsiveness and assistance of Thrizer throughout my ongoing treatment. I am glad I don’t personally have to deal with my insurance anymore.
Lucas K
I didn’t even know my insurance would pay for out-of-network appointments, much less that I could just pay a copay as if my therapist was in-network. I wish I knew about this before!
Liam W
I could not be where I am today without Thrizer and their platform.
Paying with Thrizer has been a game changer. The cost of therapy is no longer an unneeded stressor in my life.
Jennifer M
New York
Thrizer has done nothing less than save my life. Being able to just pay a copay for out-of-network sessions allowed me to receive treatment that was essential.
Olivia R
North Carolina
I went from paying $200 per session to $50! This is an incredible offering!
Akash s