Charge your full rate with confidence

The payment platform for therapists, built to help clients automatically tap into their out-of-network benefits and skip the reimbursement wait
Charge your out-of-network clients via Thrizer to automatically submit claims for them and offload all the insurance stress onto us. Post-deductible, clients have the choice between two simple ways to pay for therapy sessions.


Clients pay their co-insurance portion, Thrizer floats the rest and waits for reimbursement on their behalf


Clients pay your full rate upfront and receive reimbursements via direct deposit in weeks, not months

How can Thrizer help your practice?

What are your practice goals? Whether you want to scale your private pay practice, upgrade your client experience, or reduce time spent on admin tasks, Thrizer is the perfect partner for you to make it happen. 
Reimbursements weeks later don’t help clients access therapy today. Thrizer Pay gives clients the confidence to afford therapy upfront, eliminating one of the biggest barriers to starting therapy
With our free real-time benefits calculator, you can provide prospects complete transparency on their out-of-network benefits and estimated out-of-pocket cost before their first session
Thrizer’s easy and intuitive onboarding process has clients signed up and ready to go in minutes
Save your clients the hassles of superbills, hours on hold with insurance, and weeks, if not months, of reimbursement waits - clients just pay their co-insurance for sessions
Thrizer deals with all of the insurance back-and-forth, allowing clients to focus on what matters most
Is your client working towards a deductible? We’ll submit and manage claims for them completely for free
We understand that insurance can be a pain. Hours spent on admin tasks every week and months spent on insurance paneling - all to get paid less than what you deserve
With Thrizer, never deal with insurance again. No more clawbacks, notes, audits, or claims denials. All while you set the rates you want
We make therapy billing remarkably easy, giving you back time while providing clients an experience that mirrors in-network copays

I started this practice nearly a year ago. Since then, I have grown to seven therapists. I would say a lot of this is due to Thrizer, making therapy more affordable for people in our community. The year before, I barely had 10 clients the entire year. We’ve had approximately 10 times the growth of that.

Anna Sasser-Christian
Read Anna's Success Story

How It Works

Add your clients

Easily add your clients to Thrizer with just a few clicks.

Check benefits automatically

Get a real-time breakdown of out-of-network benefits and estimated co-pay rate.

Charge for appointments

Charge your clients after an appointment at the push of a button.

Automatic claim submission

Claims are automatically submitted to your client's insurance upon a successful charge.

Instant reimbursements

If clients are working towards a deductible, it'll get applied towards that first. Post-deductible, clients pay what they owe and Thrizer floats the rest. Or, they can receive reimbursements via direct deposit as soon as a claim is approved.

Weekly payouts

Automatically receive payments to your preferred bank account on a weekly rolling basis

Account with ease

Reconcile client payments painlessly with smart dashboards and custom reports

In a Group Practice?

We offer custom features perfect for group practices. Onboard your team members and admins in minutes.

Hear From Your Peers

Join our community of Thrizapists who are boosting their accessibility all while charging their full rate!

Prefer to help clients without billing in Thrizer?

Thrizer offers a Superbill Upload service for clients. Clients request superbills from you and upload them onto Thrizer. We submit and manage the claims end-to-end for clients, saving them the insurance hassles.

Clients create an account and follow three simple steps:

Step 1
Check out-of-network benefits instantly 
Step 2
Upload superbills on Thrizer after sessions
Step 3
Receive reimbursements instantly or via direct deposit in a few weeks

Upgrade your Client Experience
and Retention with Thrizer

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