Scale Your Group Practice with Thrizer

Elevate your group practice with our seamless and easily customizable payment platform, perfect for out-of-network billing

Power Your Practice

Effortless Payments

A full-stack payment platform built with intention and intuitiveness specifically for therapists. Set up your practice portal in minutes. Unlimited team members, same unbelievable pricing. Flat 3% fee per transaction.

Thrizer Pay at Scale

Maximize savings for all clients across your practice without impacting your bottom line. Say goodbye to providing superbills or handling follow-ups for client claims - we’ve got you covered.

Your Platform, Your Way

Customize permissions for your team members and admins to ensure they see and do only what they need to. As a practice owner, control who can add clients, add charges, or access practice-wide financials.

Transaction Transparency

Easily manage your practice’s payments, claims, and clients from one centralized platform. Owners have complete visibility into every transaction, claim, and action that goes through their team. 

Smart Dashboards, Smarter Finances

Effortlessly manage your practice's finances with personalized reports and intelligent dashboards. Delve into historical data seamlessly and identify payments from each team member and client with a simple click.

Upgrade your Client Experience
and Retention with Thrizer

OON therapy has never been

Hear From Clients

It was so hard to find a therapist that accepted my insurance. I’m so glad Thrizer Pay exists.
New York
I appreciate the responsiveness and assistance of Thrizer throughout my ongoing treatment. I am glad I don’t personally have to deal with my insurance anymore.
Lucas K
I didn’t even know my insurance would pay for out-of-network appointments, much less that I could just pay a copay as if my therapist was in-network. I wish I knew about this before!
Liam W
I could not be where I am today without Thrizer and their platform.
Paying with Thrizer has been a game changer. The cost of therapy is no longer an unneeded stressor in my life.
Jennifer M
New York
Thrizer has done nothing less than save my life. Being able to just pay a copay for out-of-network sessions allowed me to receive treatment that was essential.
Olivia R
North Carolina
I went from paying $200 per session to $50! This is an incredible offering!
Akash s