Thrizer Enables 10x Growth for Anna’s Family Therapy Practice

Discover how Anna used Thrizer to grow her practice by 10x the number of clients and 7x the number of clinicians.



Went from 1 to 7 therapists within one year of working with Thrizer
Saved roughly 2 hours every week on insurance billing
10x the number of clients within one year of using Thrizer
Transparent fees bring peace of mind
Anna Sasser-Christian


Anna Sasser-Christian

“I started this practice nearly a year ago. Since then, I have grown to seven therapists. I would say a lot of this is due to Thrizer, making therapy more affordable for people in our community. The year before, I barely had 10 clients the entire year. We’ve had approximately 10 times the growth of that.”

Anna Sasser-Christian
LCSW and Practice Founder


Family Therapy Clients Couldn’t Afford Therapy

Anna Sasser-Christian, an LCSW and practice founder in the East Bay Area, was having trouble filling her caseload with families who could afford her services.

“Many families are not able to afford a full fee for private pay therapy,” Anna said. They needed to use their out-of-network benefits in this case as Anna did not accept insurance.

However, she “found it difficult to help families leverage their out-of-network benefits.” Adding to the challenge, Anna said “The fees charged to families with other out-of-network billing companies are extremely high.”

Anna needed help with out-of-network insurance billing so she could fill her caseload and help families afford therapy.


Help for Out-of-Network Insurance Billing

Anna decided to get help with her out-of-network insurance billing from Thrizer.

Increasing Affordability of Services

Working with Thrizer allowed Anna to increase affordability for her family therapy clients.

Anna said, “Our group practice has been using Thrizer for a year. Over half our clients are enrolled with Thrizer and are able to leverage their expensive health insurance benefits!”

Better Alternative to Mentaya

Anna also had experience with Mentaya, another insurance billing software. She found Thrizer’s pricing to be much more favorable for her clients. Here’s what Anna said about her experience.

“I used Thrizer and Mentaya at the same time. I found Thrizer to be more personable, easy to navigate, and fair for clients. I did not end up moving forward with Mentaya due to the fee they charge clients.”

Automatic Claim Submission

Another aspect of Thrizer that Anna loved was the automatic superbill submission and claim tracking software.

“The automatic superbill submission and claim tracking is extremely helpful” Anna added.

Customer Service

One of the biggest reasons Anna chose Thrizer is because of its reliable customer service.

Anna commented, “I chose Thrizer because they have excellent customer service. I love our support person. He fixes everything!”


10x Growth in One Year Working with Thrizer

The results speak for themselves:

  • “Our practice has saved a lot of time by using Thrizer. It’s helped us convert more clients,” Anna said.
  • Support from Thrizer enabled Anna to grow her practice to 10x the number of clients
  • Within 1 year of working with Thrizer, Anna increased her practice to 7 therapists in total

Most importantly, Thrizer helped Anna and her team help more families. As she said, “If I was not able to use Thrizer, then many families would not have been able to receive therapy services.”

When asked if she would recommend Thrizer to her peers, she said she already has.

“I’ve recommended lots of people. I tell them it makes therapy more equitable for our community.”

“I’ve recommended lots of people. I tell them it makes therapy more equitable for our community.”

Anna Sasser-Christian

Need Help Growing Your Practice?

Are you concerned about the affordability of your therapy services? Do you need extra support to enable the steady growth of your practice? Join Anna and hundreds of therapists like her who’ve chosen Thrizer to support their practice.

Thrizer is a payment platform built for out-of-network therapy.

Just by billing your clients via Thrizer, you can automatically submit claims for them with a click, offload all the insurance stress onto us, and allow clients to just pay their co-insurance for sessions after meeting their deductible. 

We’ll support your clients in using their out-of-network benefits, so they get the reimbursements they need to continue accessing therapy, on time and without stress.