Fallon Stapleton, LCSW Uses Thrizer to Increase Accessibility for Clients and Raise Her Rates Confidently

See how Fallon Stapleton, LCSW used Thrizer to increase accessibility for her services all while raising her rates at the same time



of clients benefit from Thrizer
Raise in rates from $175 to $200 per session
Saves time by verifying benefits before the first intake
Predictable payments and transparent fees bring peace of mind
Fallon Stapleton


Fallon Stapleton

I appreciated the role Thrizer can play in the relationship between client and clinician. Thrizer values and respects both. I know that Thrizer is going to work to make sure I am paid what I am worth while making sure my clients can access their benefits, ultimately making my services more accessible to them. With Thrizer, both the client and the clinician win.

Fallon Stapleton
North Carolina


Supporting Clients with Out of Network Benefits

Meet Fallon Stapleton, a therapist and practice owner in North Carolina who’s been practicing for 8 years. 

What Fallon loves about being a therapist is “supporting people in getting to know themselves more deeply, healing the wounds of trauma, and creating the life they want to live.” So it was a challenge for Fallon to realize that many of her clients struggled with accessibility.

The biggest challenge in her therapy practice was helping clients access their out of network benefits. She found that the process was “often convoluted” and that insurance agencies were “inaccessible.”

To make it worse, Fallon’s clients were becoming frustrated by their insurance companies’ and having their own superbills rejected. This impacted their ability to pay for Fallon’s services, ultimately dragging down her earnings.

At the same time, Fallon knew that accepting insurance didn’t make sense for her practice. “Insurance companies have made the process of credentialing so difficult, costly, and inefficient,” she said.

So she started looking for billing support for her therapy clients.


Thrizer Acts as an Intermediary for Fallon

That’s when Fallon decided to try Thrizer’s therapy billing service.

Streamlined her intake process

The first thing Fallon noticed was that Thrizer helped streamline her intake process.

“I rely on Thrizer's ability to verify a client's out of network benefits before even scheduling an intake. It saves me time and energy by giving them all of the information they need to make an informed choice about whether they can afford my services,” she said.

The benefits have also been felt by her clients. “Clients can get a sense of what therapy with me will cost them before we even meet for an intake,” she added.

By verifying benefits through Thrizer, Fallon has saved many hours on new intakes.

Claim and payment transparency

The Thrizer portal that each therapist and client gets access to helps track claims and reimbursement. Thrizer’s reimbursement software takes care of the entire process, from submitting the claim to successful reimbursements, and there’s always human support if the need arises.

Additionally, Fallon and her clients were able to track each claim and see that they were on track for reimbursement via direct deposit or choose the co-insurance option to skip the wait.

Regarding Thrizer’s billing, Fallon said, “Billing for my practice has become more streamlined since starting with Thrizer. I now receive timely and predictable payments and the fees are transparent.”

Upfront affordability

Thrizer Pay allows clients to just pay their co-insurance for sessions after meeting their deductible, rather than pay the therapist’s full fee and wait for reimbursement. 

Fallon says her clients prefer this service, saying “Clients have opted for Thrizer Pay and, despite the fee, prefer to pay a lower amount out of pocket for their therapy.” 

Great customer service

Fallon also loves Thrizer’s customer service, saying it’s “outstanding.”

“The response to my questions and concerns has been received typically within 1-2 business days,” she elaborated.

Because Thrizer values Fallon (and all customers), customer service is consistently accessible and supportive.


More Accessibility, Higher Session Rate

Fallon was very happy with the result, saying “50% of my caseload has opted to use Thrizer's services.”

In addition to the high usage, Fallon experienced these benefits:

  • Saving hours each week thanks to her newly streamlined intake and billing processes
  • Clients are happy and continue to come back for sessions
  • She receives predictable weekly payments via direct deposit
  • Confidence to raise her prices knowing that clients are financially supported too

“I was even able to raise my rates confidently knowing that many of the clients who do decide they want to work with me have already verified that my fees will be partially covered by their out of network benefits. Clients are able to access stable, weekly treatment without fear that they will eventually be unable to afford therapy,” she enthused.

Was Fallon’s experience with Thrizer good enough that she’d recommend it?

She already has, saying, “I recommend it to all my private pay colleagues.”

I recommend Thrizer to all my private pay colleagues.

Fallon Stapleton
North Carolina

Do Your Clients Need Help with Accessibility? 

Are you concerned about the accessibility of your therapy services? Do you need extra support to raise your rates with confidence? Join Fallon and hundreds of therapists like her who’ve chosen Thrizer. 

Thrizer is a payment platform built for out-of-network therapy.

Just by billing your clients via Thrizer, you can automatically submit claims for them, offload all the insurance stress onto us, and allow them to just pay their co-insurance for sessions after meeting their deductible. 

We’ll support your clients in using their out-of-network benefits, so they get the reimbursements they need to continue accessing therapy, on time and without stress.