Learn how to refund a payment

You can partially or fully refund any successful payment. Refunds use your available Thrizer balance. If your available balance doesn’t cover the amount of the refund, the refund will be declined.

Thrizer doesn’t return processing fees from the original transaction if it is refunded.

Issuing Refunds

You can issue a refund from the Confirmed Charges (Transaction History) widget directly:

  1. Click "See all" on the Confirmed Charges widget in the Billing tab
  2. Click the backwards arrow on any transaction
  3. Enter the refund amount, refund reason, and any other notes for the refund
  4. Click Submit

The Refund will be generally take 5-10 days to appear on your client's statement. The refunded amount will immediately be deducted from your available Thrizer balance and the next payout.


Refund destinations

Refunds can only be sent back to the original payment method used in a charge. You can’t send a refund to a different destination, such as another card or bank account.

Refunds to expired or canceled cards are handled by the customer’s card issuer and, in most cases, credited to the customer’s replacement card. If no replacement exists, the card issuer usually delivers the refund to the customer using an alternate method (for example, check or bank account deposit). In rare cases, a refund back to a card might fail.