Thrizer Superbill Upload

Thrizer offers a Superbill Upload service for clients. We manage out-of-network claims end-to-end for clients, so that they don't have to worry about any of the insurance stress. All they do is upload their superbills onto Thrizer while we take care of the rest.

How does it work?

Clients request a superbill from you and follow three simple steps:

1) Create an account and verify their out-of-network benefits (one-time verification)

2) Clients upload superbills onto Thrizer after sessions for a $2/session submission fee

3) After meeting their deductible, clients receive reimbursements via direct deposit in a few weeks (free of charge besides the $2/session submission fee) or can request an instant reimbursement (5% fee of your rate in addition to the $2/session submission fee)

How is this service different from Thrizer's payment platform? 

There are a few key differences for the client between the two options. While charging your clients via Thrizer's payment platform is more favorable for them in terms of upfront affordability and pricing, Superbill Upload offers them a helpful resource to navigate the reimbursement maze. We manage claims end-to-end in both options, saving them money and the insurance hassles.

Here are the key differences:

1) With Superbill Upload, clients manually upload their superbills onto Thrizer. With Thrizer's payment platform, claims are automatically submitted each time you charge them for a session.

2) With Superbill Upload, clients pay you in full and request reimbursement. We now have instant reimbursements, though that would still require them to pay you in full at the time of the session. With Thrizer Pay, clients can just pay their co-insurance at the time of the session and skip the reimbursement wait after they have met their deductible.

3) With Superbill Upload, clients pay a $2/session submission fee if they are working towards a deductible or receiving reimbursements. When you charge clients via Thrizer's payment platform, they do not pay any fees in these two scenarios. They only pay a 5% fee if they choose to just pay their co-insurance for the session.

Interested in moving forward with Superbill Upload?

If you want to let your clients know about this service, you can direct them to our website to create an account and get started. You can also create a "Submit Superbill" button on your client portal or website, directly linking them to our website to get started.

Want language to explain on your website or Psychology Today?

Feel free to leverage the language on this resource to explain this service to them.