How to Upload Superbills to Thrizer

Thrizer offers a Superbill Uploads service for clients. We manage out-of-network claims end-to-end for you, so that you don't have to worry about any of the insurance stress. All you have to do is upload your superbills onto your Thrizer portal, and we'll navigate the insurance maze for you by submitting and managing those claims end-to-end.

How does it work?

You request a superbill from your therapist in PDF format and follow three simple steps:

1) Create an account and verify your out-of-network benefits

2) Upload your superbills onto Thrizer after sessions via the Claims tab in your account

3) Receive reimbursements directly to your bank account after you meet your deductible

You have two ways of receiving reimbursements:

1) Request an instant reimbursement, so you can receive reimbursements within 1-2 business days and skip the insurance wait, or

2) Receive reimbursements in a few weeks after the claims are approved (on average ~4 weeks)


Clients pay a $2/session claim submission fee (1 claim = 1 appointment). First, your sessions will get applied to your deductible.

After you meet your deductible:

1) Instant reimbursements: Pay a 5% fee of your superbill amount to skip the wait (in addition to the $2/session submission fee)

2) Standard reimbursements: No additional fees beyond the $2/session submission fee

For Clinicians: Interested in sharing Superbill Uploads with your clients?

If you want to let your clients know about this service, you can share this article with them and direct them to our website to create an account. You can also bake this service into your intake process or add a "Submit Superbill" button on your client portal or website, directly linking them to our website to get started.

Feel free to leverage the language on this resource to explain this service to them.