The team has been hard at work in making Thrizer increasingly fast, powerful, and intuitive.

This includes giving you more autonomy and control in managing and collecting payments from clients.

In the spirit of becoming the leading payment solution for therapists, here are some of the new changes you'll see!

Real-Time Declines

Client card declines can now be seen in real-time upon adding charges for clients.

Payment methods can be declined for multiple reasons, including insufficient funds or expired cards. With this change, you will now see these declines and their reasoning instantly, to better help you reconcile with your clients.

Client Payment Method Selection

You now have the ability to choose which client payment method you would like to charge for appointments.

Many clients connect multiple payment methods to Thrizer to leverage HSA / FSA cards, or better manage their finances.

This change will help you reduce declines and collect timely payment.

Feature 2

Faster Payouts ⚡️

We've improved our payout infrastructure to make your weekly payouts even faster.

Now, all charges up to 11:59 pm PST on Thursdays will reach your bank account on Friday.

Previously, the cutoff was 4 pm PST.

Enhanced Reporting

We improved your filtering capabilities in your charge history to make accounting and reconciliation much easier.

Filtering confirmed charges for certain clients and dates are now lighting-fast, and the dashboard is much more intuitive.  

Thrizer V1.25, New Features & Enhancements

Other improvements

  • Fixed bug impacting diagnosis warnings for standard billing clients
  • Fixed bug impact credit card processing fees for certain clients