Version 3.2 releases two highly anticipated features from the backlog: Refund capabilities and Transaction Records.

Both of these features fall into the larger theme of making Thrizer a more self-service payment experience.

In addition, we made several notable improvements across the entire application in this week's large update.

Refunds are (finally) here.

You can now issue refunds for client payments directly from your account!

Refunds are reflected on the client's payment method in 5-10 days, depending on how long after the original payment the refund takes place.

To issue a refund, simply click the refund icon on any payment!

Feature 1

Transaction Records

Transaction records consolidate all the important information for any client payment in one view.

You can now reconcile faster than ever with quick access to everything from the payment method to the payout date to the client's claim status.

You can access a payment's transaction record by clicking "View Details" on any payment.

Feature 1

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a bug impacting the ability for clients to connect bank accounts for reimbursements
  • Cleaned up screens in our onboarding flow for clinicians
  • Added ICD-10 code F42.0 to available list (predominantly obsessional thoughts or ruminations)
  • Cleaned up several minor styling issues in the Billing tab's interface