Following up on the huge release last week, we've patched up a few bugs and released our next big backlog item with the Payout History widget. Read on for the details!

Payout History

You will now be able to see history and breakdown of your payouts from a smart widget directly in your portal. The widget shows you the list of your previous payouts, the amounts and deposit dates of those payouts, and the breakdown of transactions that made up the payout.

All in the spirit of making Thrizer a standalone payment application with native accounting and reconciliation capabilities.

Client Onboarding

Clients often miss the "Accept" button on your invitations when setting up their accounts, causing confusion when you attempt to charge them after they give the go-ahead.

We've now emphasized this button on our mobile interface and have incoming improvements across the client portal to make onboarding a breeze.

Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug causing the payout date to display 1 day early on the billing dashboard
  • Patched several bugs impacting transactions, refunds, and payouts for users in group practices
  • Made minor styling changes across the application