We've made some major improvements across the entire client portal to enhance their experience after onboarding with Thrizer. We saw a real pain point when clients wanted to track and reconcile their reimbursements and claim statuses directly from their accounts.

So we created a "Claims" tab for them. This, among other enhancements, will make your client's experience using Thrizer even more seamless and delightful.

Claims Tab (Client Portal)

Clients will now be able to easily view a listing of all submitted claims, their current status, and the result of the claim when it is processed. This will help them easily view their past and upcoming reimbursements in one place, while also clearing doubts about the status of their claims.

Payments Tab (Client Portal)

We've made it much easier for clients to view and filter past payments through Thrizer when auditing their transaction history. All in the spirit of molding Thrizer into an effective and robust payment experience for clients paying out-of-pocket.

Other Changes

  • Revamped the messaging across most automated email notifications to make it clearer and more concise for users
  • Patched a glitch some users were experiencing when connecting a payment method
  • Made minor styling changes across the client portal