It's been a while! Our team was heads-down with a major overhaul of some of the "back-end" aspects of the application, intended to clean up the architecture and performance of the application.

BUT, we didn't forget about you all. We've been working hard on some new features and improvements that is more relevant to your experience with Thrizer. From a beautiful new help center to cleaner claim records, we think you'll really appreciate this one 😉

Claim Record Visibility

We recently added a new Claims tab to the Client portal that gave them a simple listing of all submitted claims and their current status. Now, that visibility has been brought over to the clinician portal.

This addition gives you easy access to all claims submitted for each of your clients, their current status, and the result of the claim when it is processed. You can see which claims have been reimbursed and which ones are still pending.

In addition, the claim record structure for both Clients and Clinicians are now much cleaner and more consistent, so that you and your clients can intuitively review the details of any claim submitted if needed.

To review any claim record for your clients, go to the Clients tab and click View Details on the desired client. From the Client's profile, navigate to the Claims tab to see a listing of the client's claim records.

NEW Help Center

Thrizer's brand new Help Center is live!

Though we pride ourselves on world-class user support and service, we know that many prefer to get their answers fast - without writing an email.

Our Help Center has documents and interactive demos to help you learn about literally any feature or capability that Thrizer has to offer.

We are a product-focus company that is obsessed with the user experience. Adding in features like a Help Center was inevitable, and it is the beginning of many changes to make Thrizer more self-service and intuitive.

You can access the Help Center from both your portal and the website home page, via the Help dropdown.

Clinician Onboarding

We've made it much easier for new clinicians to onboard and set-up their Thrizer account in minutes. The steps to create an account and ready the account for charging clients is much more streamlined and clear.

Other Changes

  • Finished a MAJOR backend revamp that improves the database structure, speed, and performance of the application
  • Made some minor tweaks to the clinician portal to clean up the interface