We're excited about this one.

Most of you know that Thrizer has had a “only pay what you owe” feature for clients for over a year. Now, we’ve given it a better name, and are making it the center of our brand. 

Thrizer Pay is now available for ALL therapy-goers.

When a client chooses Thrizer Pay, they save upfront with their OON benefits when they pay for an appointment, so they are only charged what they actually owe - instead of paying the full cost and waiting for reimbursement. 

Thrizer covers the rest, and waits for reimbursement for them 💥

Don’t worry - clients still can choose to pay in full and wait for reimbursement themselves. We still provide end-to-end support on their claims, and they still receive reimbursements via direct deposit. 

For our therapists- nothing changes for you. Thrizer is a payment processor and you’ll use it to charge clients for appointments. You receive your full rate upfront, always. 

Version 3.45 features a range of improvements across the new Thrizer Pay and other minor enhancements across the platform. Enjoy!

A Message from our CEO, Raunak Sharma

Precision-Engineered Benefit Checks

With a feature like this, accurate benefits checks are everything. That's why we've reengineered our real-time benefits infrastructure into a self-improving machine. With every benefit check, payment, and reimbursement - our system improve.

Out-of-network benefits and coverage are kept notoriously vague. Allowable rates for services are decided completely at the insurance's discretion, and seemingly lack any sort of logic or pattern.

Now, with our ever-improving platform, we can predict allowable rates and co-pays with greater accuracy - right from the get-go.

Clients deserve to know their true cost of treatment going into therapy. With Thrizer, they can.

Co-Pay Transparency

We've improved the transparency and notification structure for all clients using Thrizer Pay. Now, it is crystal clear what their co-pay is when pay for an out-of-network session, and what portion of that is Thrizer's fee.

In addition, with our new and improved real-time coverage, co-pay rates update automatically and notify the client anytime the reimbursement rate from payers change.

Clients only pay what they owe. Always.

Easy Opt-in and Opt-out

In the continued spirit of making Thrizer more self-service, clients can easily opt-out and opt back in for Thrizer pay.

Once clients meet their deductible, they will be opted-in to Thrizer Pay automatically. From then on, they are only charged their co-pay when you charge them for a session.

If they prefer to wait for reimbursements themselves, they can easiily opt-out from their Account Settings.

Other Changes

  • Improved the process for clinicians joining the platform via client invite
  • Fixed a bug around payment history not appearing for standard billing clients
  • Improved the client onboarding process by adding a "Welcome" email
  • Cleaned up some styling and messaging on our home page