Check any client's benefits instantly

Have you ever wanted to confidently communicate session costs to clients BEFORE adding them to Thrizer? 

Something like… “While I don’t work with your insurance directly, you have out-of-network benefits and will only need to pay $50 per session after the deductible is met”. 

Well, we have something exciting in store for you.

As you’ve probably imagined, we’ve gotten pretty good at predicting reimbursement rates. Our model depends on it.

We’ve been building out an ever-improving algorithm to accurately predict the co-insurance portions for the clients who opt for Thrizer Pay. 

Now, we’re excited to gradually roll out this powerful tool to you 🤩

Starting with an instant benefit widget available right in your Thrizer portal. 

This widget allows you to get a real-time breakdown of any client’s OON benefits and estimated co-pay rate (once their deductible is met).

Find the widget in your 'Me' dropdown, simply plug in their Name, DOB, and Member ID - and voila 🪄

While this is still in “beta” mode, we’re excited to build on this in the coming weeks and surprise you with even more tools soon 👀

Until then, let us know your thoughts!