How to explain Thrizer to your provider

Thrizer is meant to alleviate the financial burden of out-of-network therapy and make the complex world of insurance super simple.

Here is some verbiage you can use when sending your provider information on Thrizer, so that they know what it is and how to use it.

Feel free to leverage and edit as you see fit!

Explaining Thrizer Verbally

I found a company called Thrizer that helps me use my out-of-network benefits automatically when paying for your sessions. It is a payment application I can use to pay only what I owe for our sessions while they cover the rest of your fee and wait for reimbursement for me.

This way, I can continue to pay for your sessions in full without going through the hassle of submitting superbills and waiting for insurance to reimburse me.

It does not cost you anything extra and it works like a normal payment application - I will have my payment method connected for you to charge after our appointments. The difference is that it links to my health plan, so it verifies how much my insurance is covering and I only get charged what I owe.

If this is alright, can you charge me using Thrizer moving forward? 

Explaining Thrizer Visually

Feel that it is better to explain Thrizer visually? No problem!

Direct your provider to this Help Center Document and / or the Clinician Website!

Connect your provider with Thrizer's team

Your provider may want to hear from or talk to a Thrizer team member before accepting Thrizer as a payment option.

In this case, direct your provider to this Product Demo and / or Our Meeting Calendar to book a call with our team!