How Thrizer Works

Learn how Thrizer saves you hundreds on therapy every month

Thrizer is meant to alleviate the financial burden of out-of-network therapy and make the complex world of insurance super simple.

Thrizer works by acting as a payment method that links with your health insurance. You can think of us like a PayPal for therapy.

Your insurance may have out-of-network benefits, which means that they will support the cost of medical services that aren't "in-network" with your insurance. We first check to confirm you have out-of-network benefits.

If so, you can save hundreds by paying with Thrizer!

Step 1: Set-up your account

You can sign-up for Thrizer via our website or via a provider invite.

Set up your account by adding in your insurance information and a payment method.

For more information, see this Help Center document.

Step 2: Pay with Thrizer

Use Thrizer to pay for your out-of-network therapy sessions. Any time you pay for an appointment, a claim is submitted to your insurance directly. All claims are easily tracked from your Thrizer account and managed by our expert team.

Once you meet your deductible (if any) you will only be charged the co-insurance amount for your therapy sessions, rather than paying the full fee.

If you prefer to continue to pay in full and wait for reimbursements, you have that option as well.

Provider doesn't accept Thrizer? No problem!

You can directly upload your invoices (or superbills) to your Thrizer account from the 'Claims' tab.

You will need a PDF copy of the invoice to upload. From there, the claims are automatically generated and submitted directly to your insurance, and managed by us end-to-end, until you get your electronic reimbursement.

For more information about this feature, you can visit this resource.